Drawing Course for Children

In collaboration with PC-Photography - Photography and Photoshop courses


lessons of 1 hour each


The teacher

In order to teach children drawing, you need three skills:

  • Mastering the technique of drawing and painting
  • Have teaching skills and experience
  • Have the ability to relate to children

The Italian/Brazilian painter Américo de Carvalho e Sousa possesses all these skills. A resident of Italy for years, in 2016 Américo spent a year in Scotland studying full-time drawing and painting in order to further improve his technique and creativity. Click here for the page related to his biography.

The lessons currently in progress

Since 2018 Américo is giving regular drawing classes to groups of children. The success of these lessons, confirmed by the enthusiasm of both children and parents, is due not only to the technical/educational knowledge and Américo's ability to relate to children, but also to the fact that, unlike what commonly happens, a lot of emphasis is given to the technical aspect of drawing and not only to creativity.



Teaching method

The first drawings will be made in using pencil and then we will move on to the use of charcoal.


Starting from simple geometric shapes, these shapes are then transformed into objects and animals. In this way the child is taught to develop the ability to observe, placing particular emphasis on the technique of shadows and chiaroscuro.


Click here to see the pencil drawings made by the children who followed Américo's lessons.

Click here to see the charcoal drawings.

These are normal children, that is, without a special predisposition to drawing.



4 lesson course

The proposed course is 4 lessons of one hour each, with the possibility, if you wish, to continue after that.



Number and age of participants

Minimum 3 participants, maximum 5. Age between 7 and 12 year old.




€ 10/person/lesson with 5 participants

€ 12/person/lesson with 4 participants

€ 15/person/lesson with 3 participants


Payment: the full fee at the first lesson.



Material to be bought (total cost around  € 12)

- A 2B pencil (any brand)

- Pencil eraser

- Pencil sharpener

- Block of A4 sheets of drawing paper (around 10-20 sheets will be used during the course)



Material provided during the course

- Charcoal sticks of 3mm and 1cm in diameter

- Fixative for drawings



More information and possible registration

For more information and to registerer, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.