Américo de Carvalho e Sousa was born in 1969 in Picos, a city of the Brazilian state of Piauí. After graduating in Portuguese, then in Theology and finally in Philosophy, he worked both as a teacher and then as a social worker. In 1998, he relocated to Ethiopia for 18 months. Here, he first developed an interest in painting when he attended lessons of the Dutch teacher Lisette Bontenbal Rinke de Wit. He discovered and developed a remarkable natural talent with various forms of painting and drawing. 

Américo moved to Italy in 1999, again to expand his cultural influences and further develop his growing interest in human rights. Initially he stayed for 5 years in Bologna, where he obtained a Masters degree in Human Rights at the University of Bologna. He developed his artistic talents by attending a painting course run by Demetrio Casile, lecturer at the Institute of Fine Arts. In 2005, Américo moved to the Lombardy town of Morbegno, near the Swiss border. Here he was able to develop his skills in life painting. 

Recently, Américo attended a workshop in February 2015 at the Leith School of Art in Edinburgh in order to pursue a professional involvement with painting. Following that experience, he decided to relocate to Scotland in August 2015 to complete one year of full-study, attending both the Leith School of Art (Drawing Course and Painting Course; tutors Jane Couroussopoulos, David Henderson and Matthew Storstein) and the Edinburgh Atelier of Fine Art (tutors Ewan McNaughton, Lea Vaughn and Nick Anderson). From September to December 2015 he also attended an evening drawing course at the Edinburgh Drawing School (tutor Esther Cohen).

In September 2016 he returned to Italy were he opened a studio as a professional painter.


"In my art I am trying to capture the essence of things. My subjects are places that are full of people. I paint them almost empty, to evoke the inner search that we are always seeking. The scenes are timeless, like in a dream; silent and still places".


Collective exhibitions

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Américo at LSA Drawing Course web